lil' dinghy

4% | 7

American Lite Lager - Our lightest beer yet ! Extremely light in color, tastes like the idea of beer. Essence of crips malt and a hint of corn dance on your palate as the lively carbonation hurries to cleanse and refresh your taste buds. A true crusher of a bier. 

goddess of foam

4.5% | 8

Irish Dry Stout - This classic dry irish stout served on nitro has flavors of  bitter chocolate, roast, caramel, bready, with a creamy mouthfeel.

west philly

4.6% | 7

Traditional Pottsville Lager - A bier inspired by the country's oldest & largest craft brewery, Yeungling Traditional Lager. Toasted babka, almond nuttiness, dried dates. Medium bodied, with a hop level that balances out perfectly. 

reel kolsch

4.7% | 7

German Kolsch - Traditional blonde German ale is fermented with our house ale strain, then finished and lagered with Andechs lager strain. In the end, we end up with a hybrid beer somewhere between a lager and an ale. Refreshing, super clean, with notes of cracker, toasted sourdough, and herbal spice. 

Hops: Tettnang. 

Sinless Glory

4.8% | 7

Blonde Ale - A classic take on an American Blonde Ale. Bready, warm, crisp and clean. Finishes dry, making it dangerously drinkable. 


4.8% | 7

Czech Style Pilsner - Spicey & crackery rustic bread on the nose. Drinks light and crisp, with notes of pepper, herbal, slight malt sweetness. Dry finish.  


4.8% | 7

Hoppy Lager- Our take on this lovely, hop forward, yet delicate pilsner expresses notes of fresh hay, floral spice, subtle stonefruit, w/ a croute like malt character. 

Hops - El Dorado | Meridian

pch pilsner

4.9% | 7

German Pilsner  - Aromas of crackers, fresh hay, and subtle spices. Soft on the palate w/bitterness and great noble hop flavor. Finishes dry, crisp, w/lively carbonation. 

Hops - Tettnan | Mittelfruh


5% | 8

Pale Ale  - Bright tropical berry, papaya, mango, undertones of wintergreen mint on the nose. Reminiscent of fruit loops, ovverripe berries and a pleasant dankness on the palate. Finishes soft, dry, and balanced. . 

Hops - Strata | Cashmere | Mosaic


5% | 7

Mexican Lager - Crisp, crackery malt with undertones of maize, full flavored lager with a dry, snappy finish.


5% | 7

American Lager - Our ode to Coors Banquet, this lager brings slight apple, sweet corn, yeasty bread on the aroma. Flavor is clean w/ a subtle corn sweetness, finishes very dry. 

Pearly shells

5% | 7

Hazy Pale Ale - Aromas of musky fruit, tropical fruits, s;ightly dank. Flavors of peach, apricot, passionfruit.

Hops- Loral | Meridian | Motueka

following seas

5.4% | 7

Helles Lager  - This style of German lager is the epitome of balance. Aromas of light bready and crackery notes. This full-bodied lager gives you flavors of fresh baked bread, rustic grain, and fresh hay. Finishes clean, crisp and dry. Drink a liter or two!


Parting sun 

5.5% | 7

Hefeweizen  - Aromas of bubblegum, clove, and spices, that lead you into a soft and full-bodied drinking ale.

Ask about our 2022 Oktoberfest Steins!

wedge flip

6.3% | 7

West Coast IPA  - Two incredible hops come together to produce wonderful aromas of pine, resinous sap, with undertones of tropical fruit. Light bodied, balanced bitterness, dry finish. 

hippolyte hAZE 

6.8% | 8

Hazy IPA- Big tropical bomb, soft and pillowy mouthfeel. Finishes slightly dry w/ bitterness keeping balance. 

Hops: El Dorado | Cashmere | Citra | Mosaic

Winning Harmonies

7.3% | 8

West Coast IPA  - The quintessential west coast IPA. Bursting with tropical fruits, resinous and dank aromas. Flavors of pine, dank, peach, and citrus. Balanced bitterness and a crisp finish.

Hops - Simcoe | Citra | Mosaic

the sand mixer

9% | 8

West Coast Double IPA  - Bright piney, lemon zest, bitter orange jumps out of the glass. Driving bitterness, tacky resinous hoppy flavor sticks on the palate. Warming and dry finish.

Hops - Cascade | Chinook

golden lantern

10.5% | 8

Belgian Golden Strong  - This gentle giant is the epitome of Belgian yeast expression. Aromas of warming spices like cinnamon and clove, w/ overtones of overripe peach and melon. Notes of Biscuity cracker from the malt,  w/spices and ripe stone fruit dominate the palate. 

Hops - Magnum | German Hull Melon



Lavender lemonade

8% | 8

2 Towns Ciderhouse


.We have here a gorgeous golden summertime sipper. Meyer lemons provide a punch of mouth-watering citrus and acidity, while locally-sourced clover honey adds the perfect amount of sweetness. Lavender aromatics create a lovely layer of shade, leaving just enough space for a hammock. Sipping on this delicious beverage may result in feelings of summer bliss and the desire to attend a county fair.

blueberry cosmic crisp

8% | 8

2 Towns Ciderhouse


Join the celestial jam session in this amped-up rendition of COSMIC CRISP®. Crafted with Northwest blueberries and COSMIC CRISP® apples, these rockin’ electric blues will transport you straight across the galaxy.


tropical cosmic crisp

8% | 8

2 Towns Ciderhouse


Shred the galactic gnar with this interstellar island variation of COSMIC CRISP®. Crafted with purple passion fruit, hibiscus flowers, and COSMIC CRISP® apples, don’t forget your shades and SPF 10100, we’re getting pitted on some epic solar flares!.



BLONDE ALE | 4.8% ABV | $14


IPA | 7.3% ABV | $16


IPA | 7% ABV | $16


NE-HIPA | 7% ABV | $16


CZECH PILS | 5% ABV | $14


HIPA | 6.8% ABV | $16