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"The Black Dahlia Lager"-  collaboration with delahunt brewing

4.5% | 7

Czech Dark Lager- . Brewed w/our good friends, and now neighbors, Delahunt Brewing! On the verge of pure black, this Czech dark lager has layers of bittersweet chocolate. smooth espresso, delicate toasted notes, all while dancing light on the palate. 

goddess of foam

4.5% | 8

Irish Dry Stout - This classic dry irish stout served on nitro has flavors of  bitter chocolate, roast, caramel, bready, with a creamy mouthfeel.

Sinless Glory

4.8% | 7

Blonde Ale - A classic take on an American Blonde Ale. Bready, warm, crisp and clean. Finishes dry, making it dangerously drinkable. 


4.8% | 7

Italian Pilsner  - This hop forward, yet delicate pilsner expresses notes of fresh hay, floral spice, and gooseberry. Crisp and dry with lively carbonation. Saluti!

Hops - Tettnang | CZ Saaz | Mittelfruh | Grungiest | Nelson

pch pilsner

4.9% | 7

German Pilsner  - Aromas of crackers, fresh hay, and subtle spices. Soft on the palate w/bitterness and great noble hop flavor. Finishes dry, crisp, w/lively carbonation. 

Hops - Tettnan | Mittelfruh


5% | 8

Pale Ale  - Bright tropical berry, papaya, mango, undertones of wintergreen mint on the nose. Reminiscent of fruit loops, ovverripe berries and a pleasant dankness on the palate. Finishes soft, dry, and balanced. . 

Hops - Strata | Cashmere | Mosaic


5% | 7

Mexican Lager - Crisp, crackery malt with undertones of maize, full flavored lager with a dry, snappy finish.


5% | 7

American Lager - Our ode to Coors Banquet, this lager brings slight apple, sweet corn, yeasty bread on the aroma. Flavor is clean w/ a subtle corn sweetness, finishes very dry. 

Mango Sour

5.6% | 8

Agressively tart, juicy mango and tropical notes, dry finish. 

ground tackle

5% | 7

Munich Dunkel - This Munich-style dark lager brings you the pleasant warmth of toasted bread, buscuity, fresh tobacco leaf, and dried dates, with a slight chocolate undertone. its complexity is matched with a balancing bitterness and dry finish. 

" burnin' at station " - collabration with burning daylight brewing 

5.3% | 7

Mexican Amber Lager - Brewed here at Station Craft DP w/ our good friends at Burning Daylight in Lomita, Ca. This bready, toasty, amber Mexican lager brings you a clean maltiness, a subtle bitterness.

Hops- Nugget | Cascade

following seas

5.4% | 7

Helles Lager  - This style of German lager is the epitome of balance. Aromas of light bready and crackery notes. This full-bodied lager gives you flavors of fresh baked bread, rustic grain, and fresh hay. Finishes clean, crisp and dry. Drink a liter or two!


Parting sun 

5.5% | 7

Hefeweizen  - Aromas of bubblegum, clove, and spices, that lead you into a soft and full-bodied drinking ale.

Ask about our 2022 Oktoberfest Steins!

dana prost

5.57% | 7

Festbier  - A traditional Oktoberfestbier. Brewed almost exclusively w/Vienna malt., this classic German lager exhibits flavors of toasted warm bread, biscuits, and slightly sweet malty notes. Finishes dry with a balanced bitterness. 

Ask about our 2022 Oktoberfest Steins!

Do you give a shuck?

6.1% | 7

Oyster Stout - Layered notes of chocolate, roasted coffee and salted toffee give this time honored brew it's iconic flavor profile. Brewed with fresh East Coast oysters to elevate the cacao creaminess on your palate.

wedge flip

6.3% | 8

West Coast IPA - Two incredible hops come together to produce wonderful aromas of fresh pine, resinous sap, w/undertones of tropical fruit. Light bodied , w/ a balanaced bitterness, and finishes dry for a pleasant hoppy experience.

hippolyte hAZE 

6.8% | 8

Hazy IPA- Big tropical bomb, soft and pillowy mouthfeel. Finishes slightly dry w/ bitterness keeping balance. 

" Station at burnin' "- Collaboration with burning daylight 

6.8% | 8

West Coast IPA- Brewed w/our friends up the coast at Burning daylight, this WCIPA is wonderfully drinkable. Showcasing notes of pineapple, peach, resinous pine, and a hint of grass. Bitterness is so balanced you'd hardly know it was there. Finishes dry and balanced.  

Hops- Simcoe | Mosaic | Meridian

Winning Harmonies

7.3% | 8

West Coast IPA  - The quintessential west coast IPA. Bursting with tropical fruits, resinous and dank aromas. Flavors of pine, dank, peach, and citrus. Balanced bitterness and a crisp finish.

Hops - Simcoe | Citra | Mosaic

maritime mosaic 

7.5% | 8

Hazy IPA  - 100% hopped with Mosaic hops, this beer showcases its intensely layered fruit tones w/kiwi, overripe mango, orange, passionfruit, cantaloupe, with a straight resinous undertone. 

Hops - Mosaic


8% | 8

West Coast DIPA  - Aromas of lemon, lime, pungent grassiness. Notes of bitter orange zest, dank, dank sticky pine needles, dry, bitter. 

Hops - Cascade | Idaho 7

Trident's choice

10% | 8

Belgian Dark Strong  -  This Belgian strong brings you notes of dark cherry, dates, plum, warming spices, sweet bread. Finishes dry, with a warmth of alcohol. 

Hops - Mandarina Bavaria | Magnum



PACIFIC PINEAPPLE unfiltered cider 

5% | 8

2 Towns Ciderhouse

Juicy and tropical, Pacific Pineapple rolls ripe Costa Rica golden pineapples into fresh-pressed Northwest apples. This refreshingly juicy and easy drinking session cider will relax your state of mind, no matter your locale!

Cat's PAW Pumpkin Spice Cider

6% | 8

Bivouac Ciderworks

Sure to satisfy all the basic witches and warlocks! This pumpkin and pear spiced cider will give you the chills with its boo-tiful baking spice notes and crisp pear finish.

New Wave Lemonade Mead *out of stock

6.4% | 8

B. Nektar Meadery

Sweet blueberry and creamy honey followed by notes of blueberry ski and tart lemon. Medium body with a soft mouthfeel and balanced acidity. Mildly tannic and slight lingering sweetness on the finish

blueberry cosmic crisp

8% | 8

2 Towns Ciderhouse

Join the celestial jam session in this amped-up rendition of COSMIC CRISP®. Crafted with Northwest blueberries and COSMIC CRISP® apples, these rockin’ electric blues will transport you straight across the galaxy.




BLONDE ALE | 4.8% ABV | $14


PILSNER | 4.9% ABV | $14


NE-HIPA | 7% ABV | $16


CZECH PILS | 5% ABV | $14


HIPA | 6.8% ABV | $16